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Insulating Cement

Product Description

LIMPET BD6 Self-Setting Cement provides a low cost protective coating for thermal insulating materials giving a high degree of mechanical protection.

NEWTHERM 800 Superplastic is a highly efficient and easily applied plastic form of asbestos-free calcium silicate insulation.

QUICK-COTE is a mineral fiber hydraulic setting thermal insulating and finishing cements.

SUPER-STIK is a mineral fiber thermal insulating cement.

Product Photos

Product Range

Insulating Cement

Type   DB6 Superplastics
Temperature °C 175 800
Packaging 25kg/Bag 12.7kg/Bag

Insulating Cement

Type   Quick-Cote Super-Stik
Temperature °C 650 1030
Packaging 50kg/Bag 50kg/Bag

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