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Phenolic Foam

Product Description

THERMAPHEN is a lightweight phenolic thermoset foam which is produced from environmental friendly, CFC free chemicals, ensuring quality and meeting industrial requirements. It has a closed cell structure above 90% that resists water ingression.

THERMAPHEN is versatile foam with a wide field of utility. It has combination of properties such as excellent fire resistance, Low smoke density, Low smoke toxicity, Thermal stability and very low ‘K’ value. It does not melt or drip in case of fire.

THERMAPHEN is fabricated by using state-of-art computerized controlled (CNC) profile cutting machine to ensure accuracy for complex shapes.

THERMAPHEN foam has an unique advantage over other Insulation materials. It has passed Class “O” requirement of building regulations in accordance to BS 476 part 6 & 7. It provides greater insulation efficiency than glass fiber, mineral wool, foamglas, expanded polystyrene, PIR, or any other commercially available insulation materials of comparable thickness.

Product Photos

Product Range

Rigid Slab

Density (kg/m³)
40 to 120
Length (mm)
1210, 2420
Width (mm)
610, 1210
Thickness (mm)
15 - 610

Pipe Cover

Density (kg/m³)
40 - 120
Length (mm)
610 or 1,000
Diameter NB (mm)
10 - 3000
Thickness (mm)
25 and above

Benefits and Features
  • 15mm to 610mm ( + or – 1.5mm )
  • Superior Dimensional Stability
  • Excellent Corrosion and Moisture Resistance
  • Vermin Resistance
  • Extremely Light Weight



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