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Established since 1977 as a specialised thermal insulation supplier and contracting company, we have diversified into a major insulation and building materials based group of companies. Our progress over the last two decades is a phenomenal success. We will maintain this continuing progress by endlessly striving to improve and achieve new standards of performance derived from effective sourcing of better products, manpower resources, marketing expertise and the implementation of sophisticated application and construction technologies.

Besides having up-to-date knowledge of leading international engineering companies' specification, technical collaboration with global technology leaders is another way to demonstrate our commitment to technical excellence. It enables us to complete some of the most complicated and demanding projects.

We also encourage and create avenues for joint venture opportunities in production or construction partnerships.

Obviously, another key contribution to our indisputable leadership is our ability to source, represent and market high quality products. Back them up with a policy of stock holding, competent marketing, supply delivery and technical support as part of our customer satisfaction programme.

Foster offers comprehensive, well-integrated services within our group of strategically located companies, which also enjoy the additional advantage of regional knowledge and technologies. Highly organised facilities, team work and computerised systems are designed to assist with project co-ordination and planning, marketing, technical service, engineering design, procurement, delivery, fabrication, installation, maintenance and servicing.

The objective of such integration ensures, besides single source responsibility, optimal overall efficiency in project management - achieving, especially the required technological and economic factors so critical to the successful completion of a project.

Foster is in a fortunate position of having been well-established. We could assume a more pro-active role in promoting energy conservation and high quality building solutions in Asean, Asia Pacific and beyond. Let the group's integrated skills work for you. We take pride in serving our customers well and hereby express a deep appreciation for the valuable support.

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