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Foster Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd. carries an extensive range of insulation products, ranging from traditional man-made fibre like Rockwool and Fiberglass to products like Calcium Silicate, Phenolic, Foamglass, Polystyrene, Perlite etc. In addition, we have a wide range of complementary products to meet your special needs. They include aluminium jacketing, foil, tape, mastic, adhesive, sealant, fiberglass cloth etc. But most important of all, these products meet the highest INTERNATIONAL STANDARDS.

Foster Asia Pacific is today a reputable thermal insulation company with associate companies within ASEAN. With Foster Asia Pacific you are assured that all your thermal insulation needs are well taken care of by a professionally managed company. Foster helps its customers protect their workers while working in hazardous work environments and to help save millions of dollars from energy conservation. In an industry where performance standards are being driven higher and higher, you need to work with a partner that you can trust. Foster is such a partner, which is responsive to its customers' needs. We have attained the certification of both "ISO 9001" and "OHSAS 18001". We have the most talented professionals in the insulation industry. In partnership, we can reach remarkable heights, and customers can be assured of product and service reliability. Foster Asia Pacific will meet the challenges in the years to come.

Manufacturing: Our manufacturing facility includes factory area of 5,000m2 built-in area, equipped with high performance machineries and equipments such as Computer Controlled Profiler Cutting machine to meet customer requirements. We have manufactured environment-friendly, CFC free, self-extinguishing rigid Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate (PIR) foam products for over 30 years. Our annual production and fabrication capacity is 400,000 kg and we have every reason to be proud of our expertise. Our products are manufactured and fabricated according to Stringent Quality Standard.

Fabrication & Lamination: We fabricate pipe sectionals/fittings, slabs from Polyurethane foam, Polyisocyanurate Rigid foam (PIR), Cellular glass, Phenolic foam and Polystyrene foam. We also carry out lamination works with single-sided or double sided foil or super matt Fiberglass tissue facing etc. Products for lamination include Fiberglass, Rockwool and Foam products.

Special Products: We manufacture high density Polyurethane and Polyisocyanurate pipe supports and curved segments for cryogenic applications, with densities ranging from 100kg/m3 to 500kg/m3. Our services include Rigid Polyurethane Foam In-Situ foaming of buoys and tank bridges etc.

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